We are Shani and Gaia and this is our blog. Welcome!

Towards the end of 2016 I, Shani, packed up my stuff and my then six year old daughter, Gaia, and immigrated to Melbourne, Australia.

I am a single mum, an artist (trained jeweller and aspiring ceramicist) a former restaurant manager and writer in the making.  Lover of great food, consumer of caffeine, wine drinker (damn, this is starting to sound like my Tinder profile) and an appreciator of great style with a special affinity to pretty old things (Melbourne op-shops, here I come!)

Gaia, my co contributor and co pilot extraordinaire in this journey, is a sharp, funny, sensitive and witty being with lots and lots to say. Born in early 2010, Gaia is a lover of plushy toys, books, television, drawing and Lego, a mini fashionista in the making and a great dinner date.

This blog is the tale our new life in Australia, the joys of exploring the great city of Melbourne and the challenges of leaving our familiar life behind and adjusting to a whole new world. 
Welcome to our Aussie experience.

Shani & Gaia